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Action over Perfection

by Alexander Japit As practitioners, we all have our own unique reasons to start and continue our practice and training. Maybe we practice for better peace of mind, better physical health, look better, nail that handstand, have fun, or even a resolution or promise.             Reasons for practice and training are varied, and like everything […]

We are all recovering from something…

What you are recovering from doesn’t need a label but the journey to alleviate suffering always starts from within. The face on this page is that of a recovering codependent.  An enabler. But it isn’t the whole story either. See – Happily Imperfect 5 Myths and 5 Truths about Codependency. I had a hard time accepting […]

The road through trauma and recovery takes us to resiliency

First – what is trauma? There are three psychological needs of humans: relatedness, autonomy, and competence.  See The Science of Gratitude.  A trauma is individualized and interpreted by every human differently when any of these psychological needs is at risk.  It can be considered a trauma to be ‘isolated’ from relatedness if you think about long […]

Greener Pastures

In recovery if we assume our destination is happiness, where the grass is greener; then what does that look like? We’re taking a first look at the world with a new experience having realized we were stuck in our suffering. Ari Yeganeh wrote in his ConciousEd.org article: Happiness: what it means to live a happy […]

The Mat Awaits

The mat is a safe place for everything from our bodies to our emotions.  That space of 24 by 68 inches can help with both physical and mental recovery.  Yoga is a science-based practice inherited from time before the world even had ‘science’!  Studies continue to show a correlation between recovery and yoga for people […]

Yoga Asana – A Gateway to Life’s Benefits

I work with a lot of people. In my corporate job I lead teams and meet with folks both high and low along the organizational chain. When I teach and run Yoga for Recovery I’m even more intimately engaged with individuals nearly every night of the week. And I LOVE it. Which I never really […]

The Measure We Expect

Dorothy had the yellow brick road. I had a yellow tunnel this Sunday as I went for a walk. It had rained the day before – yellow leaves were still on the trees but a lot had fallen to the trail. All that amazing brightness jolted me awake. I had been having a busy morning […]