Action over Perfection

by Alexander Japit

As practitioners, we all have our own unique reasons to start and continue our practice and training. Maybe we practice for better peace of mind, better physical health, look better, nail that handstand, have fun, or even a resolution or promise.

            Reasons for practice and training are varied, and like everything else in our lives, change over time. Our reasons and goals are often very ambitious, and while setting a goal is a great first step to creating change, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by an ambitious goal and find ourselves in a rut where we simply can’t start.

            Should you ever find yourself in such a position, understand that you are not broken, you aren’t missing a quality that other practitioners may have, you are not less motivated, and you are not less capable.  We are imperfect by design and if we were perfect there would be no need to practice.

            To reach a big goal – ACT…not plan. Imperfect action is better than perfect planning. This is not to say that planning is pointless, but without action, planning can only go so far, especially if your goal is to learn a physical skill. Nothing happens without action, without trying.

            One action, however small, every day, leads to great strides in acquiring any goal, be it physical or otherwise. Every small action, no matter how imperfect, leads us ever closer to our goals. Perfection is simply a measure to strive for, the lack of perfection should never be a reason not to act.

            Strive to do something, even if it’s small.

            Every. Single. Day

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